Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is a day to remember our soldiers that have fought for us! I am so proud of all our soldiers that have done everything they have to ensure that I have my freedom and can do the things I love with my family.

This weekend has been very eventful. We went to Chicago, well north of Chicago, on Saturday. We went to go and see the Medevil Times show. The kids were very excited and could not wait to have a night away! The kids loved the show and had a great time! We came home on Sunday and the car ride was a long one.

Monday has been full of projects so far...I was finally able to finish painting the basement bathroom (pics to come), Troy finally cleaned up the mess in the basement, the lawn was finally mowed, and I was able to get a tan. Now I am waiting for Troy to finish our steaks...Aww, bring on the summer!!! The Aldrich's are loving it!!!

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